Burger recipe

Hello burger lovers! Did some amazing burgers a few days ago and want to share the recipe:

You need:

Vegan burger buns

1 sweet potato

Cooked lentils (recipe here!)

Fresh spinach/salad

Sun-dried tomatoes

Tomato purée

1 onion

Maple syrup

Olive oil





Slice up the sweet potato and fry on low heat until it gets soft. Fry the onion rings in olive oil and a little maple syrup. As side dishes I had boiled beetroots (just rinse under water and boil until they are soft), fried kale chips (got the recipe from a friend, but I saw that you can also put them in the oven) and fresh salad.



And then to the fun part: building a burger! I fried the buns a little and then put on some tomato puré, cooked lentils, sweet potato slices, sun-dried tomatoes and fried onion rings. There is of course at least a thousand other ways to make a good burger, but here’s one of them.



Enjoy and share if you have any other great veggie burger recipes in mind, I’d love to hear! 🙂



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