Unknown people matching art

// A post from an old travel blog, published 5.1.16//

On a rainy day I visited the City Gallery Wellington. They had a lot of different exhibitions, both provoking and interesting ones as well as beautiful and colorful ones. The slogan

”Art that makes you think, all day every day for free.”

really matches the gallery. Would recommend it to everyone that visit Wellington! And also, it’s for free so there’s nothing to lose.

But… The most interesting part of my visit was the really strange but fascinating experience I had. Every time we entered a new room the people matched the art on the walls. Also, I managed to get pictures of it.

How fascinating is that?

Take a look for yourself.

Daniel and an unknown woman, both in their red shirts standing next to the red piece of art
Three unknown people, dressed in beige, grey and black, the same color scale as the paintings 
Two unknown men with light grey hair and dressed in blue and brown. Can you see the same colors in the painting?
Unknown woman walking next to the black and white photographs, dressed in black and white, of course
Unknown people, far away and near, walking and standing still, dressed both in colorful and black clothes, men and women, older and younger ones. Uniqueness among both art and people. The thing that make them both so interesting and wonderful.


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